World Blood Cancer Day 2016 - Make your mark

DKMS launched World Blood Cancer Day in 2014, as an annual international awareness day for blood cancer. Every year on the 28th of May, people from all over the world join together to show support and commitment to finding a cure for those affected by blood cancer.

We were approached by DKMS to create a global-facing digital and print campaign for the 2016 World Blood Cancer Day. Our task was to build awareness online and offline, to encourage people to get involved on the day and to make real impact.

A universal symbol to unite

The symbol for World Blood Cancer Day is an ampersand. It represents the coming together of people against blood cancer. Connecting not only donors and blood cancer patients, but connecting patients with their families, with friends and with a wider global community. The symbol also encourages everyone who registers and raises awareness, that they’re part of something bigger and can help to save the lives of those with blood cancer.

Building international awareness

We developed the concept ‘Make your mark’, as an interactive social movement that would allow people from around the globe to universally showcase their support, whilst raising awareness of the need for donors. Each individual is invited to create their own personalised and unique ampersand, that they can share across social network platforms using the hashtag #WBCD. See more at