Over the last 20 years WWF UK has been campaigning to end the import of illegal wood. However loopholes and ineffective EU regulation have limited efforts and many products bought in the UK are still made from unsustainably sourced wood. As a result an area of forest the size of a football pitch is destroyed every two seconds.

With the demand for timber expected to triple by 2050 WWF UK approached us to help finally close the market to illegal wood. WWF UK needed a stand out campaign that would communicate the urgency of the issue and encourage the public, business and policy makers to take a stand.

Presenting a Bolder WWF

It was clear that the campaign would need to break the WWF mould but still retain all that has made the brand iconic. Responding to WWF’s traditional use of beautiful, natural imagery we designed an eraser mark that would disrupt the full-bleed photography to reveal bold headline messages below.

Creating a Stigma

Together with the WWF team, we set out on an ambitious task: to create a stigma similar to how a term such as ‘blood diamond’ has raised awareness for the consumer diamond industry. The campaign has provoked the public and numerous companies such as Argos, Sky, M&S and Penguin Random House to take action to ensure all their wood is legally and sustainably sourced by 2020. 



Linking to our everyday lives

By reinforcing the connection between the forest and many of our everyday products, the campaign highlights the real and damaging impact that many of our purchases have on our environment.