Viapath - Combining Expertise Advancing Everyday

Viapath is a London-based provider of pathology services jointly owned by Serco, Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust, and King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. This joint venture is focused on innovation with the aim to transform the way pathology services are delivered.

Our ongoing relationship with Viapath started with creating a new name to capture their journey as an organisation, followed by a visual and verbal expression to showcase expertise and innovation. We have since worked closely on many projects to bring the brand to life.

A symbol of innovation

Innovation is key to the Viapath model; both scientific and operational prowess is needed. We created the Viapath ‘pathway’ to symbolise this combination of expertise. The ’pathway’ could also be used flexibly; built into different patterns or filled with visuals to ensure freshness.

Not just a name, a journey

We set out to create a name that would address the practical needs of scientists and clinicians, while also capturing a story of transformation; a story that started with the rich histories of two prestigious NHS Foundation Trusts and continues with investments in next generation genomic sequencing technology today.

Bringing everyone together

The brand needed to unite prestigious institutions while remaining inspiring in it’s own right. We worked to define a new set of brand values and purpose and have worked alongside Viapath HR professionals on various initiatives to install them in the organisation.

Extending the brand: Innovation Academy

The Viapath Innovation Academy is the brainchild of Scientific Director Dominic Harrington, and puts the Viapath commitment to innovation into practice. We have worked to create a brand theme for recent innovation academy events, ensuring that the Viapath brand benefits from a truly inspiring event.