Tact - Legal smarts without the hassle

Tact’s mission is to democratise professional legal services, making it available to individuals and small and medium size businesses. With a focus on contract law and legal processing, Tact’s extensive network of lawyers covers the UK, US and Canada.

We helped the team at Tact reimagine their brand, preparing them for growth in  the increasingly competitive online legal services arena. We worked quickly and collaboratively, identifying a new positioning and then creating a new name and visual expression to better communicate the expertise they offer and the benefits they bring to clients.

A name to start conversations

We made a decision that it was a good idea to move away from a name that was overly functional, towards something that could speak to the benefits of using a legal service that was so simple. It also had to be available(!), and reflect the core values of clarity, helpfulness and respect.

Tact - (noun) \’takt\

Skill and sensitivity in dealing with others or with difficult issues whilst maintaing a keen sense of what is appropriate.

A symbol with unlimited potential

The centrepiece of the visual expression is an orange ‘tick’ mark that can be integrated into any symbol. This has helped the team at Tact begin to shape ideas for campaigns, and will enable them to create new meaningful icons when extending the brand.

A lean process with big impact

As a start-up, the team at Tact needed to focus their resources efficiently. We worked together to create a collaborative process. Instead of ‘big reveals’, we opted for sharing work-in-progress documents that we could both edit live.

'When IE proposed a rebrand of our company name, tone of voice and visual expression we had no idea how fundamentally it would change our view of our business. We now feel liberated from the constraints of our old brand.'

Christina Fabritius Eskebæk, Tact Co-founder