Positively UK - We are positive

Within the HIV and AIDS related not-for-profit space, Positively UK has a laser focus; they provide peer support for people recently diagnosed with HIV. Their mission is to inform everyone that a normal life is possible in the face of a positive diagnosis. Their optimism and spirit for comes through in everything they do; from face to face counselling through to policy work.

We worked closely with Positively UK leadership to completely reimagine their brand, from proposition through to expression. We continue to provide strategic and creative support on specific fundraising activities and new initiatives that will greatly expand their services.

Capturing optimism

Everyone that works at Positively UK is also HIV+. They are incredibly positive about living with a positive diagnosis—and helping others do the same. We made it our task to capture this optimism and celebrate it in images prominently feature the amazing employees who make it all happen.

Getting personal

We worked with an illustrator to create over 100 impactful handwritten adverbs that brought to life the impact of the Positively UK approach. We complimented this with optimistic, bright colours that stood out from other HIV related charities.

Redefining positive

To capture the personal dedication that goes into HIV+ peer-to-peer counselling, we created ‘We are Positive’: a brand purpose that is full of meaning, functioning as a key internal and external message. We also crafted a hand-drawn ‘plus’ logo to create a clear symbol that reflected the ‘We are Positive’ message.