The National Autistic Society - #EverydayBreakthrough

As the UK’s leading autism charity, The National Autistic Society requires the best talent from around the country. We were asked to develop a recruitment campaign that would stand out in the non-profit space and build pride within the organisation around its hard working care workers.

The campaign needed to recruit the right candidates; individuals who would have the commitment and dedication to do what can often be a challenging role, yet are ultimately looking for an incredibly rewarding job. Therefore, we chose to focus on those already at the front line of the organisation and their inspiring experiences — the day-to-day heroes of The National Autistic Society.

A recruitment campaign that breaks through

Day to day things can be challenging for an autistic person. Every day the team at The National Autistic Society work together to help someone with autism do something they’ve never done before; from walking out the front door, to graduating from Cambridge.

We developed the concept #EverydayBreakthrough, as a way of showcasing these amazing moments, that can truly make the difference for someone with autism and in turn celebrate the victory and persistence of the hero support workers that help them every step of the way.

Getting behind the scenes

Over two days, we invited 11 support workers to a studio in North London. From Scotland to Somerset, they arrived from all across the UK with a diverse range of skills and experiences to share.

To capture their incredible stories, we teamed up with Paper Mill Studios, to create a series of memorable videos in addition to a selection of portraits on 4 vibrant colour backdrops to compliment each unique personality.

Bringing it all together

Internally, the campaign has played an important role on shining a light on the people who dedicate their lives to helping autistic people to make everyday progress and ultimately improve their lives.

To help the concept live on beyond the campaign, we created an online portal to invite the community to share their breakthroughs on a digital archive. For us, it was about showing that it’s not just about one hero, but the combination of many, which is where the power lies.