Moda in Pelle - Naturally indvidual

Founded in 1975 in Leeds, UK, Moda in Pelle are both a designer and retailer of women’s footwear and fashion accessories. With nearly 60 stand-alone stores, concessions and a online store across the UK, they were looking to take their 30+ year foundation into the future by becoming more brand-led.

Having recently secured investment, we worked closely with their new CEO to reimagine the brand to focus more directly on a customer looking for a more aspirational experience. Although the brand had a good reputation for quality and price, awareness was low and perception of the name was that it felt generic.

British brand with Italian flare

With much of their collection produced in Italy and an Italian name; the brand has always had strong Italian roots. We helped them combine the best qualities of a British fashion brand with some of the fabulousness of Italian style. We helped create those links subtly through the use of Italian marble, marbled paper and through the art direction of photography.


Symbols of beauty

We created a series of brand logos, symbols, patterns, textures and materials that tell the ‘naturally individual’ story from end-to-end. We created iconic designs for the shoe box and carrier bag, making them as desirable as the shoe itself.

Effortlessly confident

We helped them embed the idea of ‘naturally individual’ into the revitalised brand, reflecting the unique qualities of their collections and their customers’ desire to feel effortlessly stylish. Defining their brand colour as a soft pink with a range supporting of ‘skin tone’ hues to reflect the natural, yet individual aspects of the brand.

‘We are having great response from customers.’

David Inglis – CEO, Moda in Pelle