Humanitarian Leadership Academy - Ready Together

The Humanitarian Leadership Academy, a new independent charity, is challenging the current top-down approach to global humanitarian aid.  The idea – originating from Save the Children – connects people on the ground with appropriate organisations and resources, so individuals and communities can be prepared for disaster, from the grass roots up.

We were asked to develop a new brand that would stand out in the non-profit space and signal a new way of doing things. Additionally the brand would need to be flexible enough to work in a range of contexts, meeting the needs of a large and international stakeholder group.

The Power of Collaboration

We began our partnership by speaking to representatives of small humanitarian agencies from many of the most disaster-prone countries. Many expressed the need for a more collaborative approach, and that the ‘old way’ wasn’t working. We formed a clear view of where the brand needed to focus, and expressed this in the brand purpose ‘Ready Together’.

A vibrant expression

The humanitarian sector has many traditional players and well established brands. We wanted the Academy to stand out from this and signal a new direction. We decided that emphasising this human connection was the most powerful and relevant way to go. We developed a bold, yet humble symbol — the lowercase ‘h’ — which could be used in many different ways; sheltering, collaborating, connecting. 

Global Impact

Our flexible system can be used across many platforms to reach the Academy’s huge breadth of audiences. We continue to help develop the brand, and have recently created the name and brand for the Academy’s online learning portal ‘Kaya’, which can be accessed by communities, businesses and individuals globally. 


“It has been a real pleasure to work with Idea is Everything and their team on a completely new brand. IE have been able to really drill down to the heart of our organisation and recognise that the brand is about one thing – being human. We’ve managed to show a complex organisation is a very simple, engaging and human way. We’ve already received lots of compliments on the look and feel and been told it is a refreshing change!”

Vishnee Sauntoo, Marketing and Comms Lead for the Humanitarian Leadership Academy