HotelQuickly - Live More Now

HotelQuickly is a last-minute travel app that allows users to find and purchase discounted hotels across the Asia Pacific region. Founded in Hong Kong in 2012, the company today has 9 regional offices and is present in over 15 markets.

With a 3 year anniversary fast approaching and a planned launch of an app with many new features, we were asked to develop a new brand that would support the evolution of the business and product, working across key touchpoints; app, website, and social media.

Live More Now

Today, consumers have more control and options than ever before, allowing them to live more spontaneously than any other generation. With regular discounts and over 10,000 listed hotels, HotelQuickly challenges the high prices–and often reduced choice–of typical of last minute travel. To capture this ethos, we developed the brand purpose ‘Live More Now’.

Unlock more

To emphasize how the app allows you to experience all the extras, we created the tagline “Unlock more”. This is further referenced through the logo, a key, symbolizing how being a member of HotelQuickly lets you unlock not just more hotel rooms, but more adventures, more surprises and more fun!

Inspired by experiences

In order to highlight the authentic experiences made possible through the app, we developed a vibrant colour palette inspired by the region’s natural surroundings, a spontaneous photography style; all annotated with an expressive hand-drawn illustrative style.