Hirsch & Mann - Data & Drama

Leading cutting-edge technology consultants, Hirsch & Mann work with many of the world’s most admired brands such as Nike, Google and Converse. Their USP is ‘thinking by making’; rapidly prototyping physical versions of their conceptual ideas. The result brings to life what is seemingly technically impossible and the outcome is always like magic.

Hirsch & Mann asked us to help them capture what makes them special in a way which would help them to translate their process and benefits better to their clients and their collaborators. Their highly experiential work inspires powerful reactions and associated ‘brand memories’ amongst audiences, however the Hirsch & Mann brand wasn’t taking ownership of this part of the story.

Process & Benefit

Using the ampersand in their name as inspiration, we helped them with the idea of expressing the duality of their work through ‘mini poems’ using a technical/processy word and emotional/feeling word. The result acts as cut-through headlines, building more meaning into their name and the benefits resulting from their work.