Element Six - The Synthetic Diamond Innovator

Element Six is the synthetic diamond supermaterials division of the De Beers Group of Companies. They design, develop and produce synthetic diamond supermaterials for a wide variety of applications; from abrasives through to semiconductors and other technologies applications.


Throughout our ongoing relationship with Element Six we have helped them focus their brand on communicating clear benefits to customers, adding a layer of compelling simplicity to often highly technical information.

Harness the power of De Beers

We integrated Element Six under the De Beers Group of Companies brand, bringing more immediate recognition by leveraging the powerful legacy of the most recognised name in diamond.



Focus on the benefits

We helped make the benefits of partnering with Element Six clearer by creating a simple approach to messaging that added a layer of simplicity to all communications.

Innovation with real outcomes

We integrated the brand into Element’s Six’s Global Innovation Centre, where the most talented minds in diamond come together to create 2 market-ready innovations per month.

Branding an innovative product range: Aerodianamics


We created a brand for an innovative range of products Element Six created for the Aerospace industry. The products allowed for the efficient adoption of new innovative materials such as CFRP to make planes lighter and faster.