Eight Roads - Building Bold and Meaningful Businesses

Eight Roads is the proprietary investment arm of FIL, Fidelity International Limited. Previously comprised of three distinct offers, Principal Investing (Moonray Investors, est. 2008), Venture Capital (Fidelity Growth Partners est. 1979), and Real Estate Development (Pembroke Real Estate). Investments include Alibaba, Colt Telecom, Not On The High Street, and Wahanda.

Eight Roads needed to clarify their offer both internally and externally. Externally, their differentiated approach was lost in a sea of industry standard presentation. Internally, many people within the Fidelity consumer business weren’t completely clear on their benefits.

Creating a symbol to capture an ethos

Investing proprietary capital demands a longer term focus. Investments tend to be more considered and results are more meaningful. This approach is opposite to many investment businesses who are trapped in fund cycles. We came to call it ’Wealth to the power of time’, which became shorthand for the new brand symbol combining a figure eight with an infinity loop.

Uniting distinct offers under a new name

Eight Roads operates globally, but is united by a common approach to their investments. They work closely with business owners and entrepreneurs to build businesses over the long term. We captured this shared ethos in a new mission statement and used it as a basis to create the name Eight Roads.

Crafting touchpoints with attention to detail

We crafted key touchpoints that brought the new brand narrative to life globally, from business cards to signage to an eight screen video display wall in the London office. We partnered with digital agency Soon, to help unite the Ventures ecosystem by building a new globally relevant website.