Collabora - Open First


Founded in 2005 Collabora Ltd. is a software consultancy focused on communicating the benefits of open source to the commercial world. Collabora helps its clients utilise an open source approach in real-world technology applications.


We worked with the team at Collabora to help then ‘grow-up’ their offer. They had grown organically, but needed to search for more proactive opportunities with a brand to better support these efforts. We helped better define the benefits of the offer, whilst retaining the trust of the Open Source community.

Make it legit

We developed a platform to showcase the benefits of an Open Source approach and convert sceptics. ‘Open First’ describes Collabora’s approach and beliefs in the simplest way possible, forming the strategic core of their new brand.

Clarify the offer

We spoke to a wide spectrum of the Collabora team, understanding the different aspects of what they do and what they help their clients achieve. We captured these benefits in 6 easy-to-understand service areas.

Engage the community

Our task was to ensure that any change to the Collabora brand reflected a strong dedication to the Open Source community. We created a flexible system to celebrate individual contribution.